How to get to Sinjuku Station from Haneda Airport.

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How to get to “Sinjuku Station from Haneda Airport.”
I show you the detail such as access, time and cost.

In addition, I show you also by some movies.

About Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport(Formal name: Tokyo International Airport)is consisting of 3 terminals.
■Terminal 1
■Terminal 2
■International Terminal

At Terminal 1, you can use

  • JAL group
  • Skymark(SKY)
  • SterFlyer(SFJ) for Kita-Kyusyu Airport

At Terminal 2, you can use

  • ANA (Flight to Kita-Kyusyu Airport is from Terminal 1.)
  • Air-Do (ADO)
  • Solaseed Air(SNA)
  • SterFlyer(SFJ) to Kansai Airport

In addition, there are many limousine buses among the terminals.
Haneda Airport Lobby

How to get by train

The ways to get to Haneda Airport are these 3 ways.
■Using Monorail Line
    After getting to Hamamatsucho Station by Monorail line,
   ①Going to Shinjuku by Yamanote Line.
   ②Walk for Daimon Staion amd going to Shinjuku by Oedo Line.

■Using Keihin-Kyuko Line
    getting to Shinagawa Station by Keihin-Kyuko Line
    and going to Shinjuku by Yamanote Line

Then I show you the 3 ways in detail.
Shinjuku Station

The way using Monorail Line

From Haneda Airport, get to Hamamatsucho Station.

Because the building Construction of Terminal 1 and 2 is very similar, your move is almost same.

How to get to Monorail gate from arrival lobby.

  • Go down by an escalator from arrival lobby.

Haneda Airport changing escalator

  • Go down for B1 floor.
  • Information office is there.


  • Monorail gate is only a little way.

Haneda Airport Monorail Gate

  • Buy a connection ticket to Shinjuku Station for 690 yen.

Connestion Ticket

  • It takes about 3 minutes on footto get to Monorail gate.

Please also refer to this movie.

Monorail train geos to Hamamatsucho Station through the stations in this order—
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station(”Haneda-Kuko Dai-Ni-Biru”)
↓  ↓  ↓
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station(“Haneda-Kuko Dai-Ichi-Biru”)
↓  ↓  ↓
Haneda Airport International Terminal Station(“Haneda-Kuko Kokusai-Biru”)

Time table is here.
Writing faster train, Airport Rapid > Section Rapid > Local.
To Hamamatsucho Station, it takes 16 minutesfrom Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station,
18 minutes from Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station.

Changing for JR at Hamamatsucho Station

This is a way with a connection ticket for JR.

    • 3rd car is the best position.

    • There are ticket gates below the stairs.

    • The gates are on your front, right and left.
    • The right gate is only to enter.

    • Go out through the front gate.

  • After you walk for right side after going out of gate, JR platform is there.
  • It takes about 2 minutes on foot.

This is a movie about the way to JR from Monorail.

Changing for JR at Hamamatsucho Station

This is a waywithout a connection ticket .

  • Turn left after going out of Monorail ticket gate.
  • There is a stairs or escalator only a little way.
  • Go downstairs by it which is only for going down.
  • After going down, go across the road following the guides.

JR Hamamatsucho Station Changing Passage

  • There is a stairs only for going up or escalator.
  • Going upstairs by it, you arrive JR ticket gate.

This is a movie about the way to JR from Monorail.
Please also refer to this.

Get on a train for Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku direction of Yamanote line outer tracks.
It takes 10 stations, 25 minutes (200 yen) for Shinjuku Station.
The doors at left side open.

If you buy the connetion ticket at Haneda Airport, you don’t have to boy a new ticket.

Changing for Oedo line at Hamamatsucho Station.

Get off monorail and change to Oedo line.
The nearest station of Oedo line is ”大門”(Daimon)です。.

  • Go out through the front of Center Gate.

Monorail Gate
Picture refering

  • Walk straight after going out of gate.
  • Go down a stair at the end of passage.
  • Go left side on the 2nd floor.
  • There is a small exit line this.

  • Walk along the buildings.
  • Then you can see a stair to go down.

  • After going downstairs, there is an entrance of the metropolitan subway on your front.

  • Go down the entrance.
  • Go straight.

  • When you walk about 100 meters, Daimon Station is on your right.
  • It takes about 7 minuteson foot.

Please also refer to this movie.

You get on the train which is metropolitan subway Oedo line for Hikarigaoka through Roppongi departing at Platform 4. Shinjuku Station is the 7th stop.
The doors on the right side open.
It takes 20 minutes and costs 220 yen.
Time Table


The way by using Keihin-Kyuko line

You can use Keihin-Kyuko line from Haneda Airport.
How to get to Keihin-Kyuko gate from arrival lobby.

    • Go downstairs by an escalator from arrival lobby.

Haneda Airport Changing Excalator

    • Go down for B1 floor.
    • There is an information office.

Haneda Airport Guide

    • It is only a little way to Monorail ticket gate.

Haneda Airport Monorail Gate

    • From the gate, walk more following the guides of Keihin-Kyuko Line.
    • An escalator for Keihin-Kyuko is there.
    • There is a Keihin-Kyuko gate below the escalator.

Touch “JR line changing at Shinagawa Station” on the display at the gate.

    • Buy a ticket for Sinjuku Station for 610 yen.
  • It takes 5 minutes to the Keihin-Kyuko platform on foot.

Please also refer to this movie.

The stop order of Keihin-Kyuko Line is
Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station
(which is acessable to both Terminal 1 and 2)
↓  ↓  ↓
Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

Keihin-Kyuko time table

In this time table
you mustn’t get on
ク・・KeiKyu Kurihama/ 文・・Kanazawa-Bunko
シ・・Shin-Zushi/ 神・・Kanagawa-Shinmachi.
Without these trains, you can get on any trains.

Train’s destination is on the display.

However the time to get to Shinagawa Station is depends on train, it often takes
about from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
And it costs 410円.

Changing for JR form Keihin-Kyuko

This is a way to change for JR Keihin-Tohoku Line if you come to Shinagawa Stationby Keihin-Kyuko Line.

  • Arrive at platform of Shinagawa Station
  • Please get off from 2nd car or 5th car.
  • The leading car is 8th car.
  • After getting off the car, an escalator is near.

KeiKyu Changing Back

  • Go upstairs and walk the pathway.

KeiKyu Changing Step

  • After going downstairs, Platform 1 is there.

Shinagawa Station Changing from KeiKyu

  • There is a JR connection gate in the platform.

KeiKyu JR Changing

This is a movie about the way to change.

The other way

  • Get off from near the 7th car.
  • There are down stairs or escalator.

KeiKyu Changing Front

  • Go down the stairs and go right.
  • At the end of the passage, there is an escalator.
  • JR connection gate is above the escalator.

At Shinagawa Station, get on the train for Shibuya, Shinjuku of Yamanote line outer tracks from Platform 2.
It takes 19 minutes through 8 stops for Shinjnuku Station.

How to change from International Terminal

If you want to use
trains(Monorail, Keihin-Kyuko),
Limousine busesor
Connecting Bus for Domestic Terminal

from International Terminal, please refer to this.

Click here about changing from International Terminal


How to get by limousine bus.

From Haneda Airport, there are limousine buses for these points of Shinjuku.

  • Keio Plaza Hotel
  • 東京Hyatt Regency Tokyo
  • Hilton Tokyo
  • Shinjuku Washington Hotel
  • Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • Odakyu Hotel Century Southern Tower
  • Shinjuku Station West Gate No.24 exit
  • Higashi-Shinjuku Station
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal【Busta Shinjuku】

 Busta Shinjuku 2

Time table is here.

How to get on the bus

There are “Limousine Bus Ticket Counter” near the center exit on the 1st floor of arrival lobby.

Please buy a ticket in advance there.
At both Terminal 1 and 2, get from No.5 bus stop.

It takes from 30 to 75 minutes for Shinjuku.
It depends on traffic jam.

It costs 1,230 yen for one-way ticket, 2,000 yen in Midnight.

Click here for the detail of the buses.

Check here for the detail of bus reservation.
Rakuten Travel (Limousine Bus Reservation)

Haneda Airport Terminal 2 / inazakira

How to get by taxi

However it depends on the destination point in Shinjuku,
it takes about 30 minutes for 26 kilometers
and costs 8290 yen.

The time and cost also depend on traffic jam.
To solve the uncertainty, you can use fixed charge taxi.

Refer to this about the its detail.
About the detail of fixed charge taxi of Haneda Airport.

※When leave the buses or taxies, don’t forget to get a receipt.
You will need it to inquire when you lose something .

My recommended 10 spots near Shinjuku

Please refer to this for the way to the spots near Shinjuku.
Click here for the way to my recommended 10 spots near Shinjuku

Changing for other lines from Shinjuku Station

From Shinjuku Station, you van change for these lines.
◆Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line
◆Private line Keio line and Odakyu line
◆Metropolitan Subway Shinjuku line and Oedo line
Please refer to this for the way.
The Way to change for the other lines from JR Shinjuku Station.

How to get to famous places from main stations in Tokyo.

Please refer to following link about how to get to famous places from main stations like these.
・Tokyo Station
・Haneda Airport
・Shinjuku Station
・Shinagawa Station
and so on.
How to get to famous places from main stations in Tokyo

Day Tour in Tokyo

The website which you can reserve day trip leisure, gourmet or bus tour in Tokyo, Yokohama and so on
Day trip for Tokyo Sight Seeing|Pokekaru

If you want to do day trip in Tokyo, please use.

Staying in Tokyo

Just in case, I show you some in Tokyo.
Refer to these if you are looking for a hotel.

【Japan Tour】Bargain for the set of flight and hotel! Tours just only on the Internet.

Rakuten Travel is good partner if you travel Tokyo.


If you use train,
Keihin-Kyuko line ⇒Yamanote line
is cheapest and fastest way.

If you already have positive destination, you should use bus.

How to get to Haneda Airport from Shinjuku

How to get to Busta Shinjuku(Expressway Bus Terminal) from Shinjuku Station.



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