How to Get to Hamamatsucho from Haneda Airport !!

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Whenever you go to somewhere from Haneda Airport,
Hamamatsucho station becomes very important as the starting point.
Then how do you go to Hamamtsucho from Haneda Airport?
I will show you all the details.

About Haneda Airport

There are 3 terminals in Haneda Airport:

■Terminal 1 (No. 1 Building)
■Terminal 2 (No. 2 Building)
■International Passenger Terminal

Flights of Terminal 1

  • JAL Group
  • Skymark(SKY)
  • Starflyer(SFJ) Flights for Kitakyushu Airport

Flights of Terminal 2

  • ANA(Except that flights for Kitakyushu Airport are Terminal 1)
  • Solaseed Air(SNA)
  • Starflyer(SFJ) Flights for Kansai International Airport

Furthermore, Buses frequently run between terminals.

How to Go by Train

How do you go to Hamamatsucho by train from Haneda Airport ?

Take Tokyo Monorail
That’s it.
I will explain this way in detail.


How to Go by Monorail

Take Tokyo Monorail at Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station

The layout of buildings of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are very similar.
So, after getting off airplane, you can transfer in a similar way in either Terminal.

How do you get to Tokyo Monorail Ticket Gate from Arrival Lobby?

    • Go down the escalator from Arrival Lobby .


    • Go down to B1 floor.
    • You will see the Information Counter down there.


    • Monorail Ticket Gates are dead ahead.


  • It takes 3 min to Monorail Ticket Gate on foot.

Please watch the following video, too.

Arrival Lobby is on the 1st Floor.
Monorail platform is on B1 Floor.

The order of Monorail stations is :
Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (Terminal 2 building)
↓  ↓  ↓
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station (Terninal 1 building)
↓  ↓  ↓
Haneda Airport International Terminal Station
Then finally arrives at the terminal station, Hamamatsucho.

Here is Time Table.
The types of trains are Haneda Express, Rapid Train and Local Train by their running time.
Ride Time to Hamamatsucho (by Haneda Express) is
16 min from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station and
18 min from Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station.

Fare is \ 490 from any station to Hamamatsucho

How to transfer from Haneda Airport International Terminal

There are 3 ways to transfer.
By Train(Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu Line)
By Airport Limousine Bus
By Inter-Terminal Free Shuttle Bus

Please refer to the following article in detail

How to Transfer from International Terminal


How to Go by Taxi

When you take a taxi from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho :
Distance: 14.7km
Time: 30 ~ 40 min.
Fare: about \5,000
Time and fee of taxi vary with traffic congestion.

※When you get out of the taxi, don’t forget to ask for a“receipt”. If you forget anything in the car, this is essential to ask the taxi company.

How to transfer to Each Line at Hamamatsucho station

You can transfer from Monorail to JR Line on the same floor (3F ) at Hamamatsucho.

Transfer to JR Line at Hamamatsucho station

When you have a connection ticket to JR Line,

    • To get off Car No. 3 is convenient.

    • Go down the stairs and you will get to Ticket Gates.

    • There are 3 gates, the front, left and right side gates.
    • The right side gates are entrance only.

    • Go out of the front gate.

  • Then turn right and move on to JR platform.
  • It takes 2 min on foot.

Here is the video about transfer from Monorail to JR Line

Transfer to JR Line at Hamamatsucho station

When you don’t have a connection ticket to JR Line,

    • Get out of the left side gate and turn left.
    • There are the stairs and escalator a little ahead.
    • They are going down only.
    • Down there, walk across the passage by following the signboard.


  • There are the stairs and escalator for going up only.
  • Go up and you will find JR Ticket Gate.
  • It takes 4 min on foot.

Here is the video about transfer from Monorail to JR Line.
Check it out, too.

Transfer to JR Line is easy…
…because many of passengers also go to JR, just follow them.

Transfer to Toei Line at Hamamatsucho

How to transfer to Toei Line from Monorail.
The nearest station on Toei Oedo Line is Daimon.

  • Exit the Central Ticket Gate.


    • After getting out, walk straight.
    • At the end of the passage, go down the stairs.
    • After going down to 2nd floor, turn left.
    • You will find the narrow exit like this.

    • Walk along the building side.
    • You can see the down stairs

    • Down there, you will see the entrance of Toei Line in front.

    • Go down the stairs.
    • Walk straight the underground passageway.

  • Walk for 100M and you will get to Daimon station on your right .
  • It takes about 7 min on foot.

Refer to the video below, too.

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When you get to Hamamatsucho,
Taking Monorail is absolutely recommended.
Trains are running every 3 ~ 5 min.
It’s convenient for passengers to ride anytime.

There are detailed guide maps from Haneda Airport to Monorail station everywhere.
So, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.



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