How to get to Tokyo Disney Land from Haneda Airport.

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We find and show you the best way to get to Toyko Disney Land from Haneda Airport.

About Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport(Formal name:Tokyo International Airport) is consisting of 3 terminals
■First teminal
■Second terminal
■International teminal.

At the First terminal, you can use

  • JAL group
  • Skymark(SKY)
  • SterFlyer (SFJ) to Kita-Kyusyu Airport

At the Second terminal, you can use

  • ANA (Flight to Kita-Kyusyu Airport is from First terminal)
  • Air-Do (ADO)
  • Solaseed Air(SNA)
  • SterFlyer to Kansai Airport

Haneda Airport lobby

How to get by train

The way by train is…

using monorail line
After getting to Hamamatsucho Station by using monorail line, there are these 2 ways.

①Changing at Tokyo Station to Keiyo-line

②Changing at Yurakucho Station to Keiyo-line

Then show you these 2 ways in detail.

How you get to Tokyo Station from Haneda Airport.

Refer to the following for the way to Toyko Station from Haneda Airport.
Link here for the way to Toyko Station from Haneda Airport

Walk for Tokyo Station of Keiyo-line.

After getting off the train, walk toward the Shinkansen platform.

On the way, you can find the guide plate for Keiyo-line.
Walk for right side following the guide plate.

  • On the way, there is a guide plate like this.

 Keiyo-line① 400 meters to the platform

  • Go along the road.
  • Go downstairs by the first escalator.

 Keiyo-line① escalator

  • There is a moving walkway below the 1st escalator.

Keiyo-line① moving walkway

  • 3rd moving walkway

Keiyo-line① 3rd moving walkway

  • There is an escalator again.

Keiyo-line① last escalator

  • After getting off the 2nd escalator, turn right following the guide plate.
  • Then go downstairs by an escalator again.

Keiyo-line① big escalator

  • Below the escalator, you can see a platform guide.

Keiyo-line① last guide

  • 1st and 2nd line is on the Right side.
  • 3rd and 4th line is on the left side.
  • There is also a time board.

Keiyo-line① time board

  • Following that, go downstairs which you need.
  • You arrive at the platform of Keio-line.
  • It takes about 10-15 minutesfrom the platform of Tokyo Station.

This is a movie about the way to the Keiyo-line platform from the ticket gate of Shinkansen.


How you change to Keiyo-line at Yurakucho Station.

This is a way with changing to Keiyo-line at Yurakucho Stationwhich is one stop before Tokyo Station.
If you can go smoothly by this way, you can reach earlier than changing at Tokyo Station because traffic congestion is almost not there.

However, you must
use Yamanote-linefrom Hamamatsucho Station.
There are only rapid train on Keihintohoku-line in the daytime.
And the rapid train doesn’t stop at Yurakucho Station.

The nearest ticket gate to Keiyo-line Tokyo Station from JR Yurakucho Station is “Tokyo Kokusai Forum Gate” but you must change at another gate which is runned by human.
(The work is simple.)

The human working gate is “Kyobashi Gate”
so you should go opposite side of Tokyo Kokusai Forum Gate.
The best train car for this gate is
the 2nd door of 9th car with facing front
so you should get off from the car and go down a staircase.
Note: The leading car of this train is 11th car.

And you can get a ticket for changing by saying
“Keiyo-Sen ni norikaetai no desuga?”
to the station employee.
–Meaning: I want to change train for Keiyo-line.
The ticket is like this.
↓  ↓  ↓
Ticket for changing at Yurakucho
SUICA and PASMO is also usable.
You must step at human working gate.

  • Walk for left side after going out of the gate.

Keiyo-line Kyobashi Gate

  • Walk across the pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian crossing of Yurakucho Station of Keiyo-line

  • Go under the railway overpass.

京葉線 有楽町ガード下Under the railway overpass of Yurakucho Station

  • Walk across 2nd pedestrian crossing.
  • Then Kokusai Forum is on your right side.

Entrance of Kokusai Forum

  • You can see the guides for C hall.

Keiyo-line C hall of Kokusai Forum

  • Walk more.
  • And there is a guide plate of restaurant”レバンテ”(rebante).

Keiyo-line レバンテrebante

  • Go down the staircase.

 Keiyo-line  Staircase of gate

  • Concourse of the station

Keiyo-line Concourse

  • There is a ticket gate on your right side.

Keiyo-line Ticket gate

  • Show your ticket.
  • It takes 6 minutes in the shortest.

If you change at Tokyo Station , it takes
more than 10 minutes.

This is a movie about the way to Tokyo Station of Keiyo-line from Kyobashi Gate of Yurakucho Station through Kokusai Forum.

How to change from International terminal

From International terminal of Haneda Airport,
Train(Monorail and Keihin-Kyuko)
Limousine bus
Connecting bus between Domestic and International terminal.

Refer to the following about changing for those.

Link here for the way from International terminal

How to get to Maihama Station from Keiyo-line.

There are Platform 1-4.
You can use Keiyo-line and Musashino-Line there.

The nearest station for Tokyo Disney Land Maihama Stationis accessable by every train from Tokyo Station without Special Express train and 2 commuter rapid train in the evening.

In most cases, Musashino-line uses Platform 2 and Keiyo-line uses Platform 3 and 4.
But there are no rules for train stopping.

Look the guides in the station carefully.
in the weekday daytime, Keiyo-line uses Platform 3 and 4 and
Musashino-line leaves from Platform 2
in most cases.
Wine-red trains are Keiyo-line trains
and orange trains are Musashino-line trains sharing Keiyo-line’s track.
It takes about 14-17 minutes from Tokyo Stationto Maihama Station.
And it costs 310 yenfrom Hamamatsucho Station.

After getting to Maihama Station

Maihama Station
Pictures referring
Then you walk for the direction in the picture, it takes 5 minutes to Tokyo Disney Land.
It takes 15 minutes to Tokyo Disney Sea
so you should use monorail-line.


How to get by bus.

There are buses to these points near Tokyo Disney Land from Haneda Airport.

Tokyo International Airport Terminal 2 (HND/RJTT) / Hyougushi

  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay
  • Hilton Tokyo Bay
  • Sunroute Plaza Tokyo
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resoat
  • Tokyo Disney Land Hotel
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel
  • Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel
  • Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel
  • Tokyo Disney Sea Hotel MiraCosta

How to change to buses.

You can get on limousine buses at both
Haneda Airport 1st terminal,
Haneda Airport 2nd terminal and
Haneda Airport International terminal

Before getting on buses

Then tell you the way to use the buses from arriving lobby.

    • Get out of arriving lobby.

    • Some Information offices are there.

    • Ticket-vending machine of Keikyu Bus

    • Check the bus for your destination.

    • Time table is also there.

    • Bus stop written by bigger font is placed at more left side.

    • Smaller font bus stop is placed at more right side.

Please refer also to this movie.


\ How to pay the fare

Buses departing from Haneda Airport:advance payment
You must buy a ticket in advance if you use buses “from Haneda Airport”.

If you want to use IC card, you must assign a bus at ticket counter and pay your fare by tickets or IC card when you get on the bus.

Ticket office

■Haneda Airport International terminal
Ticket and Staying counter in the arriving lobby on the 2nd floor
(Bus ticket counter)
Ticket-vending machine of Keihin-Kyuko Bus in front of 4 and 8 bus stop on the 1st floor

■Haneda Airport 1st and 2nd terminal
Bus ticket counter in the arriving lobby on the 1st floor
Ticket-vending machine of Keihin-Kyuko Bus

You must buy a ticket there in advance.
And get on the bus at No.6 bus stop from both 1st and 2nd terminal.

It takes about 25-60 minutes.
It costs 830 yen.
Link here for the information about limousine bus.

How to get by taxi.

If you use a taxi to Tokyo Disney Land from Haneda Airport, it takes 35-40 minutes and costs 7,400-8,400 yen.

But please know it sometimes takes or costs differently by traffic jam.

Note: Don’t forget to request receipt when you get off.
It is necessary for you to inquire if you forget something.

Model course from Tokyo Disney Land

A model course on the next day after you enjoy Disney Land or Disney Sea.

Model course from Tokyo Disney Land ①

Model course from Tokyo Disney Land ②

Model course to Yokohama from Tokyo Disney Land

Staying in Tokyo

Just in case, I show you some hotels in Tokyo.
Refer to these if you are looking for a hotel.

【日本旅行】【Japan Tour】Bargain for the set of flight and hotel! Tours just only on the Internet.

When you travel Tokyo, Rakuten Travel is good partner.


The way I recommend you is
limousine bus.

It takes you to your destination without transferring.
In addition, if you are late for a bus, you can get on the next bus soon because of many buses.

By the way, the time including transferring time and cost by train is

65-70 minutes and 800 yen.

You can travel faster with peace of mind by limousine bus if it is caught in a traffic jam.



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