How to Get to Tokyo Skytree from Haneda Airport

The nearest station to Tokyo Skytree is
Oshiage station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line or Toei Asakusa Line.
Maybe those who rarely visit Tokyo are
not so familiar with the name.

How do you go to Tokyo Skytree from Haneda Airport?

I will show you every recommended way.

About Haneda Airport

There are 3 terminals in Haneda Airport:

■Terminal 1 (No. 1 Building)
■Terminal 2 (No. 2 Building)
■International Passenger Terminal

Flights of Terminal 1

  • JAL Group
  • Skymark(SKY)
  • Starflyer(SFJ) Flights for Kitakyushu Airport

Flights of Terminal 2

  • ANA(Except that flights for Kitakyushu Airport are Terminal 1)
  • Solaseed Air(SNA)
  • Starflyer(SFJ) Flights for Kansai International Airport

Furthermore, Buses frequently run between terminals.

How to go by Train

How do you go to Skytree by train from Haneda Airport Domestic Terminals?

■Take Keikyu Line
■Take Tokyo Monorail

I will explain these 2 ways in detail.


How to go by Keikyu Line

Haneda Airport is the starting station of Keikyu train.
How do you get to Keikyu Ticket Gate from Arrival Lobby?

    • Go down the escalator from Arrival Lobby.


      • Go down to B1 floor.
      • You will see the Information counter there.


        • Monorail Ticket Gates are dead ahead.


          • Walk further by following the Keikyu Line signboard.
          • Go down the escalator and go to Keikyu Line.
          • you will see the Keikyu Ticket Gate there.


            • Touch the button of “Toei Line”at Ticket Machine.
            • Please buy a connection ticket of Toei Line, \ 660.

            • Transfer Time is 6 min on foot.

            Refer to the video below, too.

            In the order of Keikyu stations are
            Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station
            (for both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2)
            ↓  ↓  ↓
            Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

            Time Table of Keikyu Line on Weekdays
            Time Table of Keikyu Line on Holidays
            In this Time Table, there are some trains you should not ride.
            They have different destinations.
            久…Keikyu- kurihama / 崎…Misakiguchi /品…Shinagawa
            新…Shinzusi / 神…Kanagawa-shinmachi
            These trains don’t go to Oshiage(Tokyo Skytree) station.
            Except these, you can ride any train.

            You can see destination information on the electric bulletin board.
            ※However, if you ride a train bound for Sengakuji station,
            you have to change to the following train at Sengakuji.

            When you take Rapid Express train,
            You will arrive at Oshiage in 42 min.
            Fare: \ 660

            It takes 5 min from Oshiage station to Tokyo Skytree on foot.

            How to transfer from Haneda Airport International Terminal

            There are 3 ways to transfer.
            Train(Tokyo Monorail or Keikyu Line)
            Airport Limousine Bus
            Inter-Terminal Free Shuttle Bus

            Please refer to the following article in detail

            How to Transfer from International Terminal

            How to Go by Monorail

            Take Tokyo Monorail at Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station
            Please refer to the detailed article below.

            Here is How to go from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsucho station

            How to go to Ueno station by JR(Japan Railway) Line

            Go to the platform of Track No. 1 and No. 2 at Hamamatsucho.

            From Track No.1, take train bound for Ueno and Omiya station.
            From Track No. 2, take Yamanote Line Inner Tracks(for Tokyo and Ueno)

            You will arrive at Ueno station at 7 stops and for 13 min ride.
            Fare: \ 170

            How to get to Tokyo Skytree from Ueno station

            Please refer to the detailed article below.

            Here is How to get to Tokyo Skytree from Ueno

            How to go by Bus

            Take a bus bound for“Tokyo Skytree Town”at the bus stop near Arrival Lobby.

            In the order of the stations are
            Haneda Airport International Terminal Station
            ↓  ↓  ↓
            Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station (Terminal 2 building)
            ↓  ↓  ↓
            Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station (Terminal 1 building)

            Then, you head for Tokyo Skytree.

            How to get on the bus

            Buy a bus ticket at“Limousine Bus Ticket Counter”
            These counters are situated at both sides of Central Exit of 1F Arrival Lobby.
            And they are located at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2
            Please buy a bus ticket in advance. Fare: \ 920

            Then, get on the bus bound for“Tokyo Skytree Town”at Bus stop No.14 on either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2.
            Ride time depends on traffic congestion,
            But it usually takes around 50~70 min.

            Refer to the detailed article about Limousine Bus below.

            Here is the article about Skytree Shuttle in detail

            How to get to Asakusa from Tokyo Skytree

            This is the nearest sightseeing spot from Tokyo Skytree.
            Check out the following article about how to go to Asakusa

            How to get to Asakusa from Tokyo Skytree

            How to Stay the night in Tokyo

            Just in case, I will introduce accommodations in Tokyo.
            If you look for a place to stay the night, please refer to the following.

            【Nippon Travel Agency】This is the best deal ever in combination of the flights and hotel! Internet Exclusive Tour!

            Rakuten Travel is the best choice for the tour of Tokyo


            When you take Keikyu Line
            Time(including transfer) and Fare: 60~70 min / \ 660

            When you take Tokyo Monorail from Haneda Airport
            Time(including transfer) and Fare: 75~80 min / \ 960

            Time is just a reference, but
            I recommend going by Keikyu Line,
            because it’s inexpensive and no transfer.


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