How to get to Asakusa(Sensoji Temple and Kaminarimon Gate) from Tokyo Station!

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I will introduce the directions, time and fare from Tokyo Station to Asakusa in detail.

And, you will see many detailed videos, too.

How to go by train

There are 3 recommended ways by train.

Take either JR(Japan Railway) Keihin Tohoku line or Yamanote line to Kanda station. Transfer to Ginza line(Tokyo Metro subway) from Kanda to Asakusa.

Go to Akihabara station next to Kanda by the same JR line. Then, transfer to Tsukuba Express from Akihabara to Asakusa

Walk along from Tokyo Station to Otemach station. Then, use the subway .

Now, take a look at the first recommended way.

How to get to Asakusa via Kanda

This is the way to go to Asakusa by transferring to local lines from the bullet trains bound for Tokyo (Tokaido Shinkansen, Tohoku Shinkansen, etc.).

When you want to go to Kaminarimon Gate and Sensoji Temple, this is the best access.

How to transfer to local lines from bullet trains at Tokyo station

At ticket gates to JR local lines, put two tickets (boarding ticket and express fare ticket) into the slot at the same time. Then, only the boarding ticket will come out. This ticket is for the local ride.

“At ticket gates to JR local lines from bullet trains”
Please watch the following video.
As you can see, just a boarding ticket is being returned.
Do not forget to pick it up.

↓    ↓

How to transfer to Yamanote Line

It is the way to use the Central Passage way from bullet train (Shinkansen)platforms.

  • Look for the signboard to the transfer gate to JR local lines.
  • Exit the transfer gate to JR local lines.
  • Follow the signboard and turn rightd.
  • Go along the Central Passage way.
  • Here come the passengers from Tohoku Shinkansen and Hokuriku Shinkansen
  • Walk towards smaller track numbers .
  • On the left-hand side, you can see the eye catching < Ekiben > shop.
  • It takes about 5 min. to transfer

Please watch the video below: how to get to Yamanote Line from the bullet train platforms.

How to get to Kanda Station by Yamanote Line

Track No. 4 is Yamanote Line Inner Tracks (for Ueno and Ikebukuro).

Track No. 3 of the same platform is Keihin-Tohoku Line for Oomiya. You can take either train. Both will go to Kanda Station.

Train ride is 2 min.  Fare is ¥140
The fare is free for passengers by bullet trains, since it is inclusive fee.

Transfer to Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro) from JR Kanda Station

  • Please ride on Car 9.

(The first car is Car 11.)

  • Upon arriving at Kanda Station, use the escalator.
  • Descend the escalator and move on.
  • Exit North ticket gate.
  • Exit the ticket gate, then you will see the stairs diagonally to the left.
  • Step down the stairs far side.
  • Turn right and move on.
  • You will see the ticket gates to Ginza Line(Tokyo Metro) 200M ahead.
  • Walking time is about 3 min.

Get on the train bound for Asakusa from Track No. 2.
Trains come frequently during the day.
It is 10min ride from Kanda to Asakusa and 5 stops between them.
Fare is ¥ 170.

Here is the summary video to transfer from JR lines to Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro).


How to get to Kaminarimon Gate/Sensoji Temple from Asakusa Station(Ginza Line)

Asakusa is the terminal station of Asakusa Line.

  • Trains stop at either Track No.1 or No.2 .
  • It is convenient to have gotten on Car 4 or 5.
  • The first car is No.6.
  • When you arrive at Track No.1, walk up the stairs from the platform.
  • At Track2, turn left and go to the ticket gate.
  • Exit the ticket gate.
  • Following the signboard, head towards Exit No.1.
  • Go up the stairs
  • Coming up to the town street , go straight about 50M.
  • You can see the < Koban > (police box) over there.
  • Kaminarimon Gate is there , right next to Koban.
  • Behind Kaminarimon Gate is Nakamise-dori (shopping street)
  • It takes 3min to walk from the station to Kaminarimon Gate.

Directions from Asakusa Station Line 1 to Kaminarimon
Directions from Asakusa Station Line 2 to Kaminarimon


How to get to via Akihabara

Go to Akihabara station next to Kanda by JR line. Then, transfer to Tsukuba Express from Akihabara to Asakusa.

This is the recommended way, if you want go to Asakusa Entertainment Hall or Hanayashiki Amusement Park.

The article below is the directions from Akihabara Station to Asakusa.

The detailed way from Akihabara Staion to Asakusa

How to get to Asakusa via Otemach

Get out of Nihonbashi-gutch Ticket Gate of bullet trains at Tokyo Station.
Walk along to Ootemach station.
Ride Tozai Line (Tokyo Metro).
Transfer to Ginza Line at the next Nihonbashi Station to Asakusa.

Look at the article below, about going via Ootemach

The detailed way to get to Asakusa via Ootemachi

Use of Bus or Taxi from Tokyo Station

Here is the detailed article.
How to Get to Asakusa by Bus or Taxi from Tokyo Station

For those who use Tohoku・Hokuriku・Hokkaido Shinkansen

Transfer at Ueno Staion before arriving at Tokyo Stainon. This is far more convenient.

How to Get to Asakusa from Ueno Station

Various Tourist Attractions in Asakusa

Around Asakusa Kaminarion Gate

◆Nakamise-dori (shopping street)
◆Sensoji Temple
◆ New Nakamise Shoppong Street

And more …
◆Kume Heinaido (God of marriage)
◆Sentsuka Jizodo(Devine Favor of Zaihuku)

And uncommon dessert, too
◆Umezono Kuri zenzai(Meiyuan chestnut Zenzai)

Following are details of tourist attractions near here.

↓  ↓  ↓  ↓
How to Get to Tourist Attractions from Kaminarimon Gate

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Time and Fare

◆The route via Kanda Staion
Time:about 25 min.
Fare\ 310
(For Those who come by bullet trains \ 170

◆The route via Akihabara Station
Time:About 23 min.
Fare\ 350
(For Those who come by bullet trains \ 210

◆The route via Otemachi
Time :about 25 min.



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