How to Go to Narita Airport from Asakusa

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How do you go to Narita Airport from Asakusa?
Take a train?
Get on a bus?
I will show you every recommended way

How to go by train

There are 2 ways to go by train.
Take Toei Asakusa Line(Toei Subway) /Keisei Line from Asakusa without having to change trains.

◆Take Ginza Line(Tokyo Metro) to Ueno station and transfer to Keisei Line.

I will show you these 2 ways in detail.

How to go by Toei Asakusa Line/Keisei Line

Keisei Line(bound for Narita Airport) shares tracks with Toei Asakusa Line.
So, you don’t have to transfer at anywhere.

I will introduce how to go to Asakusa station on Toei Asakusa Line from around Kaminarimon Gate.

    • Exit Kaminarimon Gate.

  • Cross the intersection just in front of you.

      • After crossing, Turn left.

    • In front of the entrance of Ginza Line(Tokyo Metro), take a right.

        • Go along the street for 30M and you will find the entrance of Toei Asakusa Line.

        • Go down the stairs.

        • Go down the 2nd stairs, too.

        • Go down the 3rd stairs and go along the passage.
        • At the end of the passage, you will find the signboard.

        • Turn right and you will get to Asakusa station on Toei Asakusa Line.

      • It takes 4~5 min from Kaminarimon Gate.

      Check out the following video: How to get to Toei Asakusa Line from Kaminarimon Gate.

      Which train should you take?

      It is about 65 min ride to Narita Airport.
      Fare is \ 1,290.
      You need only a boarding ticket.


      How to go via Ueno

      Take Ginza Line to Ueno station.
      Transfer to limited express train on Keisei Line and go to Narita Airport.

      To Ueno by Ginza Subway Line

      How to get to Asakusa station on Ginza Line from Kaminarimon Gate.

        • Exit Kaminarimon Gate.

        • Just to the left, there is “Koban”(Police box).

        • Turn left and go along the street.

        • Walk for 50M and you will get to Asakusa station on Ginza Line.

      Asakusa is the starting station on Ginza Line.
      So, any train is OK to ride.
      Train leaves around every 3 min in the daytime.
      5 min ride and at the 3rd station (Fare \ 170), you get to Ueno.
      Get off the door on the left side.

      Ride on Keisei Line

      Transfer to Keisei Line at Ueno.
      I will introduce how to go to Keisei Ueno station from Ueno station on Ginza Line.

      How to go from Ueno station on Ginza Line to Keisei Ueno station

      The first car is Car No.1.

      • Get off Car No. 2.
      • Go up the stairs and exit the ticket gate.

      • After the ticket gate, take a left.
      • This is the passageway which you would walk along.

      • You will walk for about 300M.
      • At the end of the passageway, turn right.

      • Go up the low stairs.
      • After going up, turn right for the ticket gate of Keisei Ueno station.

      • It takes 4 min to walk from Ginza Line.

      Please watch the video below: How to go to Keisei Ueno station from Ueno station on Ginza Line.

      How to go to Narita Airport from Keisei Ueno station. /h4>
      There are a few ways to get to Narita Airport by Keisei Lines.

      Take Keisei Skyliner, the limited express train to the airport, or

      Take the local express train.

      When you take Keisei Skyliner to Narita Airport,
      boarding ticket \ 1,240+express fare \ 1,230
      Total\ 2,470
      However, Time is 40 min.
      Time Table of Skyliner

      For those who need cheaper fare
      Take Keisei Main Line Rapid/Limited Express
      Fare  :\ 1,030
      Time:78 min

      Access Express
      (Trains are operated early morning (only one time)and after 5 p.m.)

      Fare  :\ 1,240
      Time:60 min
      Time Table for Keisei Main Line Local Line

      ※There is a possibility that train schedule etc. on this page will be changed.
      Before referring to these information,
      please make sure to look for the latest information
      on each railroad or bus company’s official website.

      How to Get to Departure Lobby from JR or Keisei Line

      There are 3 terminals in Narita Airport:
      Terminal 1
      Terminal 2
      Terminal 3

      Please refer to the article below: How to get to each Terminal’s Departure Lobby from JR Line and Keisei Line .
      How to get to each Departure Lobby from the closest station

      How to go by bus

      There are 3 buses and leave the bus stop in front of Asakusa View Hotel

      Please refer to the article bellow.
      Details of Limousine bus for Narita Airport

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      How to Stay the Night around Narita Airport?

      Just in case, I will introduce accommodations around Narita Airport.
      If you look for the accommodations, please refer to the following.
      “Special Accommodation arrangement under \6000 ” around Narita Airport


      Time and Fare
      ◆Ride on Toei Asakusa Line
      Time:65 min
      Fare:\ 1,290円

      ◆Via Ueno
      Time:55 min
      Fare:\ 2,640

      For those who want cheap fare and without transfer,
      I recommend going by Toei Asakusa Line.
      For those who want to sit down comfortably, even though expensive,
      I recommend going by Keisei Skyliner from Ueno.



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